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Cross-Hole Sonic Logging

CSL performs ultrasonic integrity testing. It detects potentially dangerous defects such as mojor cracks, voids, soil intrusions, weak concrete, soft toe and tremie placement problems.

The CSL test needs access tube filled with clean water inside test pile, shaft or wall. The hydrophone acquires data resulting from its source and receiver. Defect area will send a slower arrival signal, when good area will give faster signal arrival. CSL does not need any major further interpretation. Defect location can be determined on-site.


Most Common Identified Conditions Detects by CSL

  • - Sound Concrete
  • - Soft Bottom Conditions due to poor cleaning/ sloughing soils
  • - Soil Intrusions - loss of signal due to caving and/or higher soil pressures than fluid concrete head in the shaft
  • - Tremie Placement Problems
  • - Concrete becomes gravel
  • - Water intrusions (velocity of water is 1,500 mps)
  • - Soft layer in the shaft
  • - "Burping" of tremie pipe.


Most Common Identified Conditions Detects by CSL

Defect Detected By CSL