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Digital Inclinometer System

The RST Digital Inclinometer probe has the smallest package available for a given wheel spacing, with the best ability to track deformed casings in the industry.

Wireless Communication between the inclinometer control cable and the Pocket PC™ ensures ease of use and reliability, by removing two weakness inherent in conventional analogue inclinometer systems. By removing the physical connection between the inclinometer control cable and the readout instrument there is no concern with fragile connectors, cable related failure and related reliability problems. The system is wireless from the control cable to the readout, so a slip ring is not required and there are no electrical continuity problems.

The sensor connector is impact, tough and achieves a superb seal under adverse conditions. Because the signal is digital, even a wet connection won't compromise your data

The system is comprised of a Digital Inclinometer, cable system, reel with battery power, and Windows Pocket PC™ that functions as a readout, analysis, and data storage device.