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Geotechnical Instrumentation

Name Description Detail
Inclinometer Measure displacement of natural slope, and control excavation activity due to its slide potentially
Piezometer Measure the hydraulic head of groundwater in aquifers, measure the pressure of a fluid at a specific location in a column.
Water Stand Pipe Use in terms of define initial ground water pressures and seasonal fluctuations.
Observation Well -
Settlement Plates Settlement plate, made of concrete or pipe, is a simple method to measure settlement of soil.
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Foundation Testing

Name Description Detail
Thermal Integrity Profiling TIP’s system manufactured by Pile Dynamics, Inc. in collaboration with FGE, propose to read the temperature of the concrete when the hardening concrete process is ongoing using Thermal ProbeTM
Static Horizontal Load Test Static Horizontal Load Test based on ASTM D3966-07
Pile Driving Analyzer Test With PDA and CAPWAP Software, solve piling problem, provide information for determining bearing capacity, hammer performance, pile or shaft integrity.
Pile Integrity Tester Detects potentially dangerous defects such as major cracks, necking, soil intrusions and in some situations can determine unknown length of piles or shaft.
Cross-Hole Sonic Logging Detects potentially dangerous defects such as major cracks, voids, soil intrusions, weak concrete, soft toe and tremie placement problems.
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Environment Monitoring

Name Description Detail
Vibration Monitoring Vibration produced during pile driving activities cannot be avoided and may cause harmful effect to existing infrastructure for some cases.
Noise Monitoring -
Dust Monitoring -
Tiltmeter Measure very small changes from the horizontal level, either on the ground or in structures.
Crackmeter Crack Meter provide additional information to existing crack at a structure due to construction works at perimeter building.
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Material Testing

Name Description Detail
Hammer Test Assist PDA Test to make impossible location for testing become possible.
UT Test -
Penetrant Test Determines the energy transfered by SPT hammers using force and velocity measurements.
Concrete Thickness Evaluate the thickness of structural elements such as concrete pavements, slabs, retaining walls, tunnel liners, foundation footings, and more.
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Name Description Detail
Spot Weldable Strain Gages Spot Weldable Strain Gages (Model 4100, 4150)
Concrete Embedment Strain Gages Concrete Embedment Strain Gages (Model 4200, 4202, 4210)
Extensometers Single Point Mechanical Rod Extensometers, Multiple Point Rod Extensometers, Groutable Anchor, Multiple Point Rod Extensometers, Snap-Ring Anchor, Multiple Point Rod Extensometers, Hydraulic Anchor
Settlement System Settlement System (Model 4600)
Earth Pressure Cell Earth Pressure Cell (Model 4800)
Load Cells Load Cells (Model 4900)
Digital Inclinometer System -
Snap Seal Inclinometer Casing -
Vibrating Wire Crack Meter -
Water Level Meters -
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