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4 July 2009

Wireless technology boosts pile driving sector

by Gerhard Hope on Jun 23, 2009

Pile Dynamics has expanded its range of Pile Driving Analyzer (PDA) sensors by adding wireless technology to its capabilities.

Dynamic Foundation Testing requires the acquisition of sensor data from a PDA and the analysis of the data by a qualified engineer. Wireless technology allows for real-time transmission of data from the site to an office and crucially eliminates the need for weighty cabling.

“This is one for the future; the technology is both helpful and amazing,” said Aksan Kawanda, an engineer with Geotech Engineering in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Kawanda was speaking after the successful implementation of the wireless sensors on a near-shore jetty in West Java. Several of the piles were dynamically tested with a PDA model PAX using wireless sensors.

The accelerometers and strain transducers on the near shore pile transmitted data to the PDA, which remained safe and dry on shore a considerable distance away.

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