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Early 2012, we formed Geotech Efathama. Since then we have been designing, testing, and developing the state-of-art of geotechnical instrumentation and quality assurance for geotechnical works over the nations.With qualified staff and best equipment, Geotech Efathama has become your partner-needs for quality and cost-effective in geotechnical works

We recognized your needs for cost-effective and quality assurance in geotechnical works. Thats become our mission to provide our clients with reliable product, time-effective and high quality measurement. Geotech Efathama help clients detects early construction problems, avoiding construction & costly failures with the best standardize measurements. All over the nation, Government Agencies, Geotechnical Consultants, Project Owner, and Contractors rely on our services to save time and money.

Our Latest Workshop

Geotech Efathama, in cooperation with Pile Dynamics, Inc. and Indonesian Society of Geotechnical Engineer (HATTI), has successfully held a 2 day workshop (24-25 September 2012) on Deep Foundation Dynamic Testing and Analysis.

Workshop attended by 85 participants from Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Australia, USA, with various professional backgrounds such as structural consultant, government agent, geotechnical consultant and of course those who works as testing engineer. Workshop was presented by Mr. Garland Likins (Pile Dynamics, Inc.), Richard Yu (Australia Representatives for PDI) and Aksan Kawanda (Indonesia Representatives for PDI). Various materials was covered during the workshop focused on Wave Mechanism,  PIT-W and Profiling, Thermal Integrity Profiling, PDA Test on driven and Drilled Shafts also on Augered cast-in-place Piles, CAPWAP, etc.

35 participants joined Dynamic Measurement and Analysis Proficiency Test at the end of the workshop to sharpen their skills and get grade certificate. Those who pass the test will announce on www.pdaproficiencytest.com complete with their level of achievement by the end-of-October.

Thanks to all participants, committee and speaker who made the workshop succeed. Hopefully the workshop gave better understanding and better understanding about dynamic testing in practice. [ Read more ]